Romanian passport is the fastest path to get a European Passport

The fastest route to acquiring EU Citizenship for the entire family with freedom to live, work and study in any of the 27 EU countries in just 8 months . One of the most appealing programs, with fast-track citizenship acquisition among the EU countries.

Change your life and that of your family

How we can help

Europassport can help you legally acquire a Romanian passport, an identity document that is a European passport. We provide fast, professional legal services to all citizens that qualify for the program. We will ensure you acquire Romanian citizenship and a Romanian passport without any risks, our team has been working on this program for over ten years with many successful cases over the years.
A Romanian passport allows you to live legally in Europe, run your own business, study at any university in Europe, as well as in the USA, Australia, Canada, and other countries. A Romanian passport provides all rights and opportunities for EU residents.
Besides, a passport of the Romanian provides the right to participate in the political life of the country, i.e., vote in Parliamentary and Presidential elections and referendums.

Why a European passport is to valuable 

When traveling within the country and the EU, As a Romanian citizen can also use your ID card. Your new EU ID card gives you the right to acquire a Romanian passport. The Romanian Citizenship Investor Program is an attractive opportunity for foreign investors and wealthy individuals to enjoy visa-free access or visa-on-arrival access to 150 countries and territories, Romanian citizenship for the family members, and many other benefits.


EU Member

EU freedoms to live, work, study or travel anywhere in the EU

EU Citizenship

Romanian permanent residence and Passport in 8 Months

Visa-free travel worldwide

Visa-free access to 150 countries including the EU & UK, Canada, and Australia.

No residence requirements

No physical residency is required

The entire family are eligible

Spouses and children of any age

Access to property market

Obtain right to buy and invest in property throughout the EU

Access to EU Education

Study and get a degree at any European university or send your children to school in Europe that offers free education

Hermitage Investment

The program is based on investment into family heritage that will be used for education.

High-quality affordable lifestyle

Low cost of living for a high standard of goods and services

Low Tax

Low corporate tax rate of 16%, which is one of the lowest in E.U. Low flat personal income tax of 10%

Dual citizenship

Bulgaria allows dual citizenship

Easy & straightforward process

No language tests needed

Romanian Visa-Free travel  to +150 countries worldwide

Visa-free access to +150 countries including the EU & UK, Hong Kong , Singapore, Canada, and Australia.

The Law regarding citizenship of Romanian

Acquisition of citizenship guaranteed by the Law of Romania “On Citizenship” No. 21/1991, as amended, and on basis of Art. 11 of the Law on Citizenship and Art. 7 of the Constitution of Romania. 

Permanent Residency

Romanian Citizenship Card

Romanian Passport

The Procedure of Obtaining EU Citizenship

With Europassport


Contact Us

Just phone us or fill in the contact form on our website and our consultants will get back to you for a detailed consultation on processing EU citizenship.



After you have submitted all the documents necessary for acquiring EU citizenship, we will sign a contract for the provision of legal services


Document submission

After issuing power of attorney to our lawyer who will represent your interests in the process of acquiring EU citizenship and gathering all necessary facts confirming your right to EU citizenship, your file will be submitted to the appropriate authority.

Documents Requared

1) Internal passport (copies of pages 1, 2 and registration);
2) Foreign passport (1st page);
3) Birth certificate (of the applicant);
4) Birth certificate of parents (if available);
5) Autobiography;
6) Photo 3.5×4.5;
7) Taxpayer ID number;
8) Driver’s license.


Acquire citizenship

All the procedures necessary for submitting your biometric data and acquiring an EU passport will be performed within the agreed timescale to make it as convenient for you as possible.

Received Documents

At the end of the procedure for  Romanian citizenship, the Consulate will issue official Passport valid for 10 years, which may, at any time, be extended, exchanged or reissued if lost by paying state fees in advance:

  • Romanian citizenship certificate
  • The Romanian ID card, EU standard, which can be used both within the country and in the EU
  • Individual tax number
  • Passport of Romania
  • Driver’s license, category B, valid in all EU countries. (optional)

Not sure where to begin?

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Questions and answers on of Romanian citizenship & RomanianPassports

How to start to apply for my Romanian Passport ?

All, you need to apply is to fill in the application form or simply print it out and scan it back to us

The application is free and confidential, and it will take our legal team 4-5 days to process your application to get approval

If successful, then you can start with the European Program and receive your passport in about 8 months


How long does it take to obtain my Romanian citizenship?

The Romanian Passport program normal programs take 8 months and you are able to track it on the Romanian Government website


What are the payment terms?

The Romanian Passport program is paid in 3 payments

1. Once your application is approved,  you first pay 10%,

2.  50% when you receive your Dosar on the Official Government website

3. 40% one month before your date of Ceremony to receive your passport


What is the Romanian Passport program law which gives me right to get Romanian citizenship?

Article 11 of the Law No. 21/1991 On Citizenship

The right to obtain Romanian citizenship is indicated in the article 11 of the Law No. 21/1991 “On Citizenship”. Citizenship acquisition process is carried out according to the procedure established by law.


Can I have dual citizenship in Romanian?

 Yes. Romanian immigration laws allow dual citizenship. 


What about my Spouse and Children getting a passport ?


Your spouse will receive Permanent Residency Three months after you ( the main Applicant) receives your Romanian Citizenship, our legal team will assist with that, after 2 years they are eligible to apply for a Passport

You can also use our Family Promotion that enables your  spouse to get the passport immediately  for an additional charge of  Euro 15 000


Children under 14, will receive their passport at the same time as you and do not have to travel to Romanian (Free of charge )

Children over 18, will have to travel with you to Romanian, and an additional cost per child for the issue of the passport.


Do I need to speak Romanian ?

No , only 15-20 words that is the oath of Romania 

Learn the Romanian Oath of Citizenship:





Can I exchange driver’s license of my country on the driver’s license of European Union?

 Yes, You can. Europassport will help You not just obtain a European license but save Your original license. The procedure will take around 6 months and You must pass a medical evaluation in Slovenia.


Do I need send original documents to apply for Romanian citizenship or It can be copies?

Usually, it is enough to send copies in good color qualities. However, there are few documents that must be original: birth certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate of children. 

What countries can I visit having Romanian passport?

After you receive Romanian citizenship, You can visit any European Union country, also you can visit Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and others

 As of 1 October 2019, Romanian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 180 countries and territories, ranking the Romanian passport 10th overall in terms of travel freedom and one of the highest-ranking 


Can I work in Europe?

Yes as a Romanian Citizen you have the full right to Live and Work anywhere in any Europe. You will not require to have a Work permit.

Can I get a tax identification number?

Yes, You will be issued your tax identification number when you receive your passport. 

Customer Feedback


Johann Graf

South Africa

I had such a good experience with Europassport. Now I hold a European passport. and my kids received theirs free at the same time. My son wants to study engineering in Germany, so that’s one less thing for me to worry about.This gives us a lot of hope for the future.



Hello, I’m Bong from the Philippines. I can really say that one of the highlights of my life was receiving my Slovenian passport and ID card and would I really want to thankEuropassport for all their help to make my dream of being a European citizen come true.



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